To post articles to this website, you must get familiar with wordpress


Go to “Profile” tab on the left and fill out as much information as you wish.  Required fields are email address, nickname (which must be in the format Jason Himmel, M.D.).  All other fields are optional.  I encourage you to get an avatar, however if you don’t want one, I have put in a default image for you.  You can make your own easily at Gravatar. Also, a short bio is encouraged but not mandatory.


You can create a new post by clicking “new post” from the Posts tab on the left.  Simply give the post a Title (“Author Information – How to Post in WordPress” in this case), then begin typing.  The boxes in the menu bar above the text box are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have trouble, let me know.  You can cut and paste from word, but the document will need to be reformatted manually in wordpress since it is HTML based.  The main thing to know is that the large font orange colored Headers you see throughout my posts are “header 3” in the drop down menu of the post window.  Items which should be designated as headers include “Introduction” “Background” “References” etc.  To make a bullet list, simply highlight what you have typed and click the bullets button in the menu bar.  For Reference lists, highlight the references and click the numbered list button in the menu.


You can add images anywhere you want by clicking the square box next to the “UPLOAD/INSERT” label just above the post box.  Please insert only relevant images of good quality.

If you want to upload a case with multiple images, like the one in the coil embolization of splenic artery aneurysm post, please let me know and I will show you how.  It is quite simple.


Add post tags. These are key words that relate to your post. Usually 2 -6 will be sufficient.


If your post is to be private – for your eyes only – click the “Edit” button next to the word Visibility in the publishing box at the upper right of the post window, and change your status to “Private.”  If you post is to be shared among authors, but not for the general public, leave the visibility status as Public, but check the small box in the right hand column under ‘Subscribers Only’ that says “hide this item from non-subscribers.”  This will make this post visible to authors who are logged in to the website, but not visible to the general public.  If your post is intended for the public, leave this box unchecked and leave the visibility status as Public.  If you wish to save your post as a draft, simply click the “save draft” button near the top of the right hand column.  Drafts can only be seen by you, and only within the admin window.


Check off the appropriate categories.  First, choose ‘Interventional Radiology’ then choose which subcategories under the ‘Interventional Radiology’ relate to your post.  Please be descriminate.  Second, choose ‘Physician Education’ and then select whichever subcategories under ‘Physician Education’ pertain to your post.  This will be used to filter the posts for referring physicians in the future.  Third, choose a subcategory under “Post Type” that best represents your content.  You do not need to check the “Post Type” box itself.  Finally, choose the subcategory under “Visibility” that corresponds to your earlier choice about visibility.  Choices are ‘Draft,’ ‘Private,’ ‘Subscriber Only,’ and ‘Public.’  One of these options MUST be selected, and it MUST correspond to the visibility settings selected in step 5 above.


Select a featured image.  You may choose one from the gallery, or upload your own.  Please choose images which relate to the content and/or fit the thematic nature of the site.  If you upload your own, resize it to 150 x 150 px square, give it a sensible name, and give it a ‘tag’ of “featured image.”


This step is optional.  Fill out “Meta Description.”  This is the information that shows up beneath the post title on Google and other search engines.  I usually take a 2 sentence snippet from the introduction or conclusion of my posts and paste it here.  Try to choose something that will compel people to click our link instead of others when they are looking at a list of search results.


Fill out an Excerpt.  This is a short snippet that describes the entry.  It appears on the website beneath the entry title when people search our website internally.


Feel free to play around with other functions.  I can fix anything that you may screw up.  Also, feel free to call or email with questions.  The “Microblog” function at the left is supposed to allow us to post quick notes to one other which show up in the “dashboard.”

About adding links

Links to other online content are generally encouraged.  Most academic sources do not restrict use of their content in this manner.  Some institutions do have specific rules, however.  For instance, links to emedicine or medscape generated content are allowed, along with “teasers,”  but specific content cannot be copied, and “derivative works” are specifically precluded.