Categories are used to index posts to make them more useful.  Here is a description of each of the categories to help you determine the most suitable designations for your posts.

Interventional Radiology

The ‘Interventional Radiology’ tab should be checked for all posts.  Choose one or more subcategories that best represent your content.  Choices are as follows:

Clinical Care

These subcategories describe posts that related to important clinical aspects in interventional radiology

  • Clinical Protocols are specific algorithms used to address various clinical scenarios.
  • Lab Medicine is intended to designate posts that relate to interpretation and application of lab tests and pathology results.
  • Pharmacy is intended for posts relating to the selection and use of medications in interventional radiology

Evidence Based Practices

The idea is that these will be ‘go to’ posts for citing material that can be used to guide or justify clinical and procedural choices.  This data may be useful for decision support, but will also be useful in justifying interventional therapies to referring physicians.

  • Clinical Decision Making – evidence based posts that relate to clinical topics such as patient selection, relevance of therapy, number of treatements, follow-up periods, etc.
  • Procedural Decision Making – evidenced based posts that relate to procedural issues such as effectiveness of one embolic over another, etc.

Practice Development

Posts which have relevance for interventional radiologists working towards growing their practice and raising awareness.

  • Coding for IR – posts relating to cpt coding for procedures.
  • For Patients – posts with information specifically directed to patients.  There are no designs to use this category at this time.
  • Forms – posts which include forms which are relevant to the practice of interventional radiology and which can be easily adopted by other IRs.
  • IR Update – these are posts that are specifically written to referring physicians and will typically be brief and also fall under Evidence Based Practice categories.  As these posts accumulate, they can be pooled together into a newsletter type publication called IR Update which can be disseminated to referring physicians and adopted by other interventional radiologists accross the country for local use.
  • Physician Outreach – posts related to improving referral patterns.

Procedural Topics.

These posts are specifically related to the technical aspects of interventional radiology.

  • How-I-Do-It.  A breakdown of the authors methods for performing a certain procedure.  Importantly, these should be written from the first person point of view so as not to be construed as “medical advice.”  In other words, say things like..”and then I dilate the tract” rather than…”and then you dilate the tract.”
  • Occupational Risk.  Materal related to radiation exposure and other occupational hazards.
  • Techniques.  Posts related to the technical aspects of IR which may not be start to finish representations of a procedure (which would fall under ‘How-I-Do-It’).

Physician Education

These categories are used to index the public posts by relevance for practitioners of all fields of medicine.  Simply pick the category or categories that best represent which phyicians would be interested in your post topic.

Post Type

All posts must have a ‘Post Type’ designated.  Choices are as follows:

Article Summary

  • This is generally a synopsis of the salient points of any article you have read.  It must include the reference.   Many sources specifically preclude publication of  “derivative works.”   Consequently, this material should be restricted to ‘subscriber only’ or ‘private’ but may serve as an important repository of information for constructing featured posts with multiple references.

Chapter Summary

  • This is a summary of important content within a book chapter.  It has the same constraints as an Article Summary.

Clinical Trials Summary

  • A post or update pertaining to information from an important ongoing or recently completed clinical trial, or landmark study.  This material is usually suitable for the public.

Conference Note

  • A summary of something presented at a conference.  Please attribute the material appropriately and reference the conference at which is was discussed.  If the material was referenced by the speaker, include the original reference for the material rather than the conference itself.  This material should be restricted to ‘subscriber only’ or ‘private’ but may serve as an important repository of information for constructing featured posts with multiple references.

Featured Content

  • A post with multiple references that is suitable for publication.  It includes reviews, presentations, etc.

Interesting Cases

  • Just that.  Please see “How to post cases” for details.  Please include discussion of images.  These posts may be suitable for the public as long as they don’t run the risk of violating copyrights, HIPAA, or other medical or legal regulations.

In The News

  • This is a category for timely news relating to IR.  These posts will generally be public in nature.


  • Simply posts you make don’t correspond to any other category.  These should not be designated “Public” unless they contain multiple verifiable references or are of the “How I do it” variety, in which case references are encouraged but not required.


  • Posts which are predominantly links to other useful online content.  These may be suitable for the public.


  • These are slideshows or videos.  These posts may be suitable for the public as long as they don’t run the risk of violating copyrights, HIPAA, or other medical or legal regulations.


  • This is the default category for wordpress posts and has no use.  Please make sure this category is NOT checked.


    All posts must have a ‘Visibility’ category.  Choices are as follows:


    • This is for posts which are incomplete.  These posts are visible to the author of the post only, and only on the admin page.


    • These posts are completed posts which are visible to the author of the post only on both the admin page AND on the website when the author is logged in.  Other authors and the general public will not be able to see these posts.

    Subscriber Only

    • This category is for content that is to be shared between authors, but not visible to the general public.  Content will be seen by all authors on their admin pages, AND on the website if the authors are logged in.  This content will appear in the search results when the authors are logged into the website, but will not appear to the general public.


    • This is for material suited for general distribution.  This material will be visible to anyone who comes across the website, AND will be automatically published to the Facebook and Twitter pages, and disseminated to our email and RSS subscribers.